February the 14th seems to be a day of mixed feelings. We all know how that goes some are lonely and depressed, others just don’t care what day it is and others are busily enthusiastic about this romance/lusty filled day. Many of us have gotten sucked into this holiday by everything around us. Wherever you go you will find something that tells you Valentines is just around the corner. For some people (usually single people) it feels like mockery, “Look at me!” says that giant teddy bear in the store aisle, “I love you! Oh wait you’re single, sorry I don’t love you.” Don’t get me started on the candy… For other “fortunate” souls, Valentines Day is a glorious day. The perfect excuse to go with your loved one to that one special place or to do that one special thing. Hey, its even right for some to take out their pen and paper and write the World’s Corniest Poem and yet look like a total winner. 

      So if you were home stuck watching ‘SNL’ and crying after Seth Myers comment after his “Weekend Update”  segment, don’t worry Valentines Day is over. Don’t worry you survived yesterday now it’s time to continue with life. If on the other hand you spent your day with your sweetheart, well Valentines Day is over for you too. Show your loved one that you can be equally romantic any day of the year and I guarantee you that your day will be better than yesterday.

     Good-bye Valentine’s Day, see you again next year.