Its officially over, my second year in college. After I walked out from the class I was surprised to not feel the usual happiness and freedom I did years back when a school year was over. Somehow I felt like I was already missing that place. This quarter I did more walking around campus, and more socializing. I walked to class everyday, all the way up those hills every student hates to walk up. Its quite lovely in the mornings, when you can feel the cold air in your face and the wind move your hair. I loved seeing those random colorful spots through my walks on foggy mornings, those colorful spots of roses and beautiful flowers. Greeting the staff in the mornings as they took care of the flowers before most of the students arrived on campus, or greeting Gloria on the elevator as she cleaned someone’s footprint off the door. I miss it all and I’ll only be away for what, three months?

     I learned a lot this year, by learning I don’t just mean academically but I learned a lot about myself. I found new opportunities and I learned to take each and everyone as they came my way. I tried new things, I challenged myself the way I said I would. I procrastinated a lot less this time around (which is why I haven’t posted anything lately). Walking up those hills in the morning made me understand myself more, those 15 minutes on my own every morning helped me reflect on my behavior and attitude, and I liked that.

     Advice came to me in all directions, from friends and family, from my professors and even strangers too. I’ve tried to apply most of what I was advised to do, and I liked that too. Overall I would say this was a very satisfying academic year. I might’ve mentioned this before but take a chance at every possible opportunity that life presents you with. All opportunities will change your life, but some will also change you.

Now I’m off to enjoy my break.

Have a happy Friday!