I was listening to a song by Nick Drake, “One Of These Things First”. The melody of the song itself made me smile and it reminded me of back in my days when I was a little kid.

I wanted to be an explorer.

     One of the earliest things that I can remember was that I wanted to be an explorer. My parents at that time were still adding sections to our house, and there was a lot of construction materials around. I remember there was a small mountain of sand, and many bricks in the back yard. I remember that as soon as my siblings were off to school I would ask my mom for a snack, place it in a little bag and head off to a new adventure atop of that sand mountain. I would run to the top and look around at my mother’s garden that I always thought of as a jungle. I would slide down the sand mountain and run through my jungle. I would hide in the laundry room where the machines were my connection to my allies. I was an explorer, or so I thought. I wanted to be an explorer so much that one day I ran away from home, I was three. My mother said she found me a few blocks away from home, and of course I was punished but she said that she always knew I had an adventurous side in me ever since I learned how to walk.

I wanted to be a chef.

     I used to watch my mom cook delicious meals everyday for my family. I always wanted to learn something, I remember that I would push a chair near the kitchen counter, stand on top just to see what my mom was doing in hopes that one day she would let me cook with her. As a matter of fact she did one day after I insisted so much and we made Jell-o, it was simple and easy for me at the time. I remember my mom cutting it into different shapes too just for me, I felt like the luckiest kid on earth. One day I would say, I will cook like my mom, hey maybe I could be a chef.

I wanted to be a teacher.

     My dad gave me my first chalk board, I was supposed to practice my letters but instead I pretended to be a teacher to my dolls and teach them the letters. I would even teach my friends when they came over, I would give them my crayons and we’d color. I wanted to be a teacher because they had paint, and candy, and coloring books, stickers too!

I wanted to be an astronomer.

     I saw the milky way for the first time in the desert when I went on a trip with my brother to Arizona. I remember we stopped on the side of the highway just so that I could see, it was beautiful, the sky was full of stars, little ones and big ones, bright ones and brighter ones too. That year I asked for a telescope for Christmas. My family thought I was insane, to prove them wrong I tried harder in my math class. Christmas day came and under that tree a huge box awaited for me with my name, it was the telescope I had asked for. I saw the craters of the moon, Jupiter and its moons. I saw a nebula and many stars too.


“ I could have been
One of these things first
I could have been
One of these things first. “

     I can’t help but to smile when I think back at all the things I wanted to be. There is one thing that I’ll stop wanting to be, and that is an explorer. Whether its exploring a new street to get home or maybe one day exploring the Amazon, I’ll always be an explorer at heart. What did you want to be?

Smile, because life is beautiful.