Summer is officially here, at least it is here in So Cal where the weather is warm the sun is bright, another beautiful sunny day. To be honest I’m not very fond of the warm weather, I’m more of a cold, cloudy, type of person. These last few summers have been different in many ways. I decided to write about something happy, about very fond memories that come to me with the beginning of the season.

     I’m not sure how it was with everyone else growing up but I remember saving up my quarters for summer. When the weather was too hot or too sunny to play outside I’d play indoors. Sometimes I would sit on the couch by the window looking outside, waiting for time to pass by when it would get cooler outside. Sometimes I just waited for the ice cream man to pass by. This was a few years ago when we lived in some apartments. I remember when I would hear THE bell I would run to my mom to ask her if I could buy a popsicle, if she’d say yes I’d run to my pink box to get my quarter. I remember getting those Big Pops for twenty-five cents, those were the good days. I smile because it wasn’t THAT long ago, but then again it has been a few years, maybe ten, eleven years ago? Buying my popsicle gave me a feeling of independence, it was a quarter but to me it was the best thing ever. My mother would let me eat my popsicle outside the complex, there where some stairs with a tree near by to provide shade, I’d watch the cars pass by, or wait to hear the sound of the Metrolink, it was relaxing.
    I miss those good old days, so many things have changed since then. For one Big Pops are no longer a quarter =p the price went up to fifty cents, seventy-five cents, one dollar, even a dollar twenty-five now. Doesn’t matter, its still a Big Pop and it still brings me memories of my summers a while back.

     During the summer when we would go grocery shopping, mother would let me choose one type of ice cream. There were so many flavors, it was ice cream pint or a box of popsicles. I always wanted to try them all but I had a favorite: Scribblers. Those were and are the best. Small, colorful, magical, great tasting and fun to eat. My cousin and I would pretend to write in the air with them and we’d say how colorful or words were. Those were happy times, happy times with my Scribblers.

   So its summer time now, things sure are no longer the same. My little siblings think differently about summer than how I think. They  don’t think about the quarter Big Pops, or sitting in the shade. There is one thing that we do think the same about and that is about Scribblers. They scribble us happy all summer long.


Smile for those happy summer memories of the past, and for the ones that are to come.

– Casper.