This morning I woke up at what seems to be the norm of the summer of about 8:00 A.M. (Late compared to my school days), I made myself a cup of coffee, opened the doors and windows for the bright and beautiful day and turned the radio on for some relaxing music. Every station seemed to be on commercials, another reminder of why I don’t listen to the radio much. Then I got to what seemed a small discussion about women and our interest in money.

     I have to say that it was somewhat disturbing to listen to what people were saying. I agreed with some of the guys, but not with all. The main focus was that we as women are only interested in the money, we only date guys who have money, and who have the looks. When any of those is gone, we leave and move on to a better, richer, stronger “victim”. Please, I wonder if some of these guys have looked at what THEY’VE been doing? Probably not, not all of them at least.

   Are we really only interested in money? Not exactly. I have friends who stayed with their boyfriends even when they were jobless, supporting them through every and any decision they made. Now its women like them that are worth so much that men who let them go at the first sign of one flaw leave without seeing all of their virtues. Of course there are those are in it only for the money, those women I’ve met, those women are also my friends but they too have many qualities as well. They may be in it for the money, but guys this is also your fault for giving all your money to them, simple as that.  Bottom line, EVERYBODY is interested in money, men and women of all ages. The issue comes when some are more interested in the money itself than what their partner has to say. The next issue comes when the partner gives the other all the money they want just to have them close, do you and the world a favor and stop. Not only are you giving in to their ways, making them feel like its no problem to get money out of you, but you’re just taking yourself down. There are better people out there for you, trust me.

   Are we really just interested in guys with great looks?  Aren’t we all? Come on girls we love those movie hunks that make us drool, those guys that even sweaty we would hug just to feel their muscles *day dreams of Daniel Craig* . Guys are more open about this it seems, they do admit that they look at attractive women even when they are in a relationship, truthfully there is nothing wrong with looking. Hey we (girls) look too. The thing is that when love hits us, it hits us and we really don’t care that you look like hunky dunky Daniel Craig or like normal Joe, if we love you, we love you because of you and all your attributes and flaws. We as women are difficult to understand sometimes, yes but when we’re truly and genuinely interested you can tell.

     Maybe I see things differently because I’m close to my older brother, he’s not only a brother to me but he’s one of my best friends. I remember when I was in high school one day we were talking about dating and he told me that a girl in college flat out rejected him because he had no car at the time. But I laugh at the girl now, she missed out on a great man. I don’t say this because he’s my brother but because he really is a great man. So I wonder how many times has this happened to other guys? My guess is a billion gazillion times and more! I’m glad my family taught me better, so ladies (and gentlemen) don’t judge others by what they can offer you right there and then.

    I often hear the “Guys are jerks” phrase from my friends, and I always remind them that we’re equally jerky to them as well. Just because one guy or one girl makes us feel like we live or should live in the deepest parts of the ocean doesn’t mean all guys or girls are the same. There are many wonderful people who are beautiful inside and out and are single! The problem is that we don’t go out there and get them (I too am guilty of that *sigh*).
    One gender often tends to signal the other one out in its flaws. The truth is we are all guilty of all charges to some extent, and yes some are more guilty than others. I think than many would agree with me that we all want to find some type of balance in our life. Someone who putting looks and money aside can be there for us when we need them, someone who we can share great memories with, someone we can love and love us back, someone we can trust, someone who is loyal. There are more important things in a relationship than money and looks.

Smile because there are still lovely people on this earth.