There are times when I feel like an old lady, when those younger than me just don’t seem to understand the situations around them. Sometimes I feel like a little kid who just wants to play again on the swings and  run like a nut on the jungle gym pretending to be a pirate. There are times when I just don’t feel like neither. I’m sure some that may read this may understand because I think that we all go through phases like that.

     Yesterday I felt like I was a little bit of both. I woke up to have my little sister touching my face, “eyes” she would say and try to poke my eyes. I pretended to be asleep. “Nose” she would push my nose like if it was a button, I’m guessing I looked funny because she would giggle. She stopped pushing my nose and I heard her little feet walking around in my room. “One, two, four, five…” I opened one eye to see what she was counting, she was counting my pictures, she sounded so cute she always skips three. I saw that she was trying to say the names of the people from the pictures, she knew most of them. I slept late and I really wanted to sleep in but I knew I had to get up, “ROAR!!!”, she screamed and ran out the door laughing. I heard her call my little brother and my other little sister, and sure enough they wanted to join in.

     I spent most of the day chasing them around the house, playing hide and seek, tag. I even took my brother’s sock and put it inside his pillowcase which he soon repaid me for. We played hot potato, made pictures on the driveway with chalk. I made my best attempt to draw them but was only able to draw stick figures with happy faces. They drew beautiful space ships and the whole solar system, they’re talented little ones.

   It was hot outside so we moved on to play XBOX, we played tag some more, we played so many games. I was surprised that I was able to keep up with them the whole day. When night came they asked for pancakes, so I thought I should might as well finish the day with something nice. I said I’d do them and they were ready to help out, they set up the table while I made them their pancakes. My little sister said, “Look, they’re hearts!” and as soon as they saw them they all wanted one. I was expecting them to leave some extra ones but they ate them all. They all commented on them, and they loved them.

     When it was time to sleep, they each came to say good night, gave me a hug, said thank you and said I was the best big sister they could ever have. My little one said “I… looove… yoooou!” jumped on me to give me a hug and ran off to her room. I’m the thankful one for having little monsters around to drive me insane everyday and at the same time to keep my sanity in check. They inspire me to try harder and to do better even when it comes to drawing stick figures. For this week, putting my laptop and books down and spending time with my little sibs was the best decision I’ve made. When was the last time you put down what you normally do for the people you love?

Smile for that inner kid we all have inside. =)

– Casper