Seems like it was yesterday when I was celebrating the new year. Well would you look at this, it’s August. More than half the year has passed by and a new year is just around the corner. Fall for some reason seems to go by quickly, maybe its because of all the holiday smoosh that goes on at that time of the year. A new school year is about to start as well and with that comes more hours awake trying to solve problems that I assigned to myself the moment I registered for classes. I just finished my two week mini vacation. Most of my family had what you would call an actual vacation, me I stayed home.

     Staying home was lovely, who am I kidding? It was GREAT. I cleaned the house from floor to ceiling the first days and the rest I baked cupcakes, practiced my cooking, watched movies with full blast surround sound (left me a little deaf), had a sleep over, went on random trips for ice cream, and the best of all I had time for myself THAT is what I call vacation.

       I do admit that a small getaway to somewhere farther would’ve been nice but I needed time alone to think, to reflect, to try and understand things that well I still can’t. I’ve come to a small conclusion that there are things in life that just cant be understood at least fully. Who knows I might change my mind about this later (I tend to do that).

     Anyway originally I was gonna write about the fact that I couldn’t or rather didn’t know what to write for these last two weeks. Funny how I started to write right here. So I’ll keep it short for tonight and wish all who read this a happy August. Hopefully you started this month happy and on the right track and if you didn’t you’ve got a whole month to try.

Happy August, and Happy Friendship Day!

Smile because a new month brings a new start!