I’ve been meaning to write this for a few days now. As some of you may know Friendship Day was last Sunday and it was my first year saying, “Happy Friendship Day”.

     We have many friends, technology has given us an  opportunity to extend our friendship circles with chatting and networking with people from all over the world. This got me thinking of how loosely we use the word ‘friend’. Of course you can say that there are many definitions of ‘friend’ and I would agree with you on that.

     What has come to my attention lately is how many people I refer to as ‘friends’ when in reality I have a select few who I would consider to be my actual friends. These are people that I’ve known for some time, wonderful people that have been with me during times of achievements and times of tears. These are the people that I trust, for me to trust someone is a big deal. When I think of them they never ask for anything in return (except a cookie here and there), they’re always there for me, always.

     There are times that I feel selfish because I feel like I’m always bugging them like mosquitos on a summer’s eve. Not to mention the times my bad mood gets the best of me while I’m with them. But you know, they stay with me even if only to tell me, “wench, get over it”, but hey that actually works.

     I’m not an easy person to understand, I’m sure my own friends don’t understand me sometime but boy do they try. I’ve heard many say that they have the best friends in the world, maybe in their own little worlds. Me? I claim to have the best friends anyone can ask for and here are a some reasons why:

  1.     You ask your friend to make you cookies but they end up as “pookies” (a giant burnt crispy pancake looking blob of what was supposed to be a cookie) but you eat them anyway because they’re “pookies”.
  2.     Your friend volunteers to help you stand on your hands by holding your legs. It’s not their fault you look funny, so they let go and you fall on your head leaving you with bruises and aches for many days.
  3.     Your friend lets you throw ice cubes at their head. Did I mention water balloons? Oh and they also let you win games to make you feel like you feel good.
  4.    When your friend joins you on a mission to scare people off elevators.
  5.    When your friend joins you for a doughnut that you stuff with candy, drink chocolate milk and have ice cream on a winter’s day all in under ten minutes. Did I mention sugar crash?
  6.   When you fall on your face after chasing a squirrel to have your friend laugh at you till they cant breathe no more and ask you an hour later if you’re ok.
  7.   When you feel like making a fool of yourself by dancing like an idiot on the sidewalk of a big street. Oh and your friend doesn’t wan you to be the only dork in the city that carks honk at.
  8.    When you go on a 4 hour trip by bus (when it takes 20 mins by car) to go to a mall (when you can go to a mall 5 mins away) on the hottest day of the year but your friend doesn’t want you to be the only dehydrated lunatic in the state.
  9.    When you talk about cheese and your friend understands you. You know, because cheese is not cheese or cheese.
  10.    When your friends bring up that one thing you said in high school that made everyone turn to look at you (which you’re still trying to explain why you said it in the first place).
  11.    When your friend didn’t care how cold it was outside because they wanted to see a shooting star with you.
  12.    When you talk with your friends for hours and hours and yet you can think of a million things to keep talking about.
  13.    When you or your friends get you addicted to something e,g Facebook, games, etc.
  14.    When you and your friends create “code words” and you laugh when other people say those words and you or your friends say “You don’t get it.”
  15.    When your friend thinks what you’re thinking in a very scary way, e.g. dressing almost if not exactly alike, saying the same things, etc.
  16.    When your friend says they will: throw a shoe at you, poke you, kick you, or even eat you when you say something lame.
  17.    When you get cheered for leaving Quack Quack town, and hugged if you return. Just for knowing what Quack Quack town is.
  18.   When you have a friend who will listen to your problems, even if your friend is the problem.
  19.   For smiling and finding some sick/weird/silly/smart way of making you smile/laugh when you are more emo than emo Elmo.
  20.  When your friend is not just a friend but considered to be your family.

     It doesn’t have to be August 2nd to say Happy Friendship Day. If you have a wonderful friend let them know how great they are. Be creative! At the very least send them an email with some things on why they are great and important to you. Might not be the biggest or brightest thing but it I bet it will make them smile. Hey that’s something they’ll remember and cherish.

Smile because you have a friend.