It’s cold and dark, I can hear the wind swing the raindrops and then they fall. TAP. TAp. Tap. tap. There’s something about nature’s orchestra that makes me feel warm inside. It’s the contrast of worlds the cold and dark against the bright and warm inside.  It’s a hidden beautiful feeling that not many appreciate.

     Many associate a rainy day with sadness but there is so much more. Many hidden wonders in the storm. When was the last time you walked under the rain? The last time you caught a raindrop with your tongue? Can you remember the last time you saw a storm come your way?

      It’s a beautiful sight, the movement of clouds. The big puffy clouds, the innocent and the menacing all in one. They make their way to you, if you pay attention you can hear them march across the sky. Always transforming with every movement. They are the castles and dragons of your imagination. The castles grow bigger and transform into a monstrous creature. The dragon transforms into a field of roses right before your eyes. Nothing is what it seems, its ever changing right before your eyes.

     Trees, how many droplets do you hold? They slide down their branches and leaves. Tap. The roses brightly colored hold water droplets on their petals. They’re delicate, soft, strong but be careful for they have thorns. Water drops hold on until gravity and the rose’s curves give way. Tap. The drop falls to nurture the land.  The smell of the collision between the earth and the sky.

TAP. TAp. Tap. tap.
Smile, enjoy the hidden wonders of life.