Have you ever watched someone sleep? Tonight my mom and I were watching television, after a while I turned to ask her something when I noticed that she was sleeping. She’s beautiful. She looked peaceful as she rested her head on the pillow. It was different from normal, she’s usually busy doing one thing or another, always taking care of everything. At that moment in time she was sleeping, dreaming perhaps. Whatever she was dreaming I hope that it was of something far from reality, something completely different from her everyday life. Everyone deserves a peaceful rest, a time away from the world.

    She has changed so much and yet not at all. For her age she looks very young, she’s wiser everyday. There are times I wished she smiled more, enjoy life at a slower pace. Seeing her sleep gives me hope that perhaps in her dreams she might be doing just that.

     Covered with a blanket, she seems vulnerable. Don’t let that deceive you, she is one of the strongest women you can find. She has done so much for her family and for the people around her, this is her time to catch up with herself. She watched me sleep many times, and now I watch her. I’m older now and I understand more things than before, watching her sleep warms my heart. I’m taking a mental picture, placing it in the album of my life. I’m prolonging this memory to last me a lifetime. I forever want to hear her heartbeat as she dreams peacefully. In a few hours she’ll wake up. For now, everything is just fine in this world far away from reality.

Smile, make the beautiful moments last.