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       Now you may be one who believes that children should know that Santa is not real, that “Santa” is in fact the parents and I would agree with you. But I have to say that there is something about that man in a red suit that makes kids hopeful. Perhaps is the feeling that they will get gifts, I’m still not sure. Whatever the reason is doesn’t really matter when you see their faces lit up as they become little cookie makers for Santa.

      After a couple of trials on learning how to make cookies I think I finally succeeded. I had been practicing for some time so that come Christmas eve I could make cookies with my little monsters. I have to say that I was very happy to see them jump when I asked them if they wanted to help. Eager as they were they helped me make the best cookies ever. The look on their faces as they saw the first batch of cookies was priceless. It was their work, and they loved it. They were amazed at their results, and like any kids they had to try out their first cookies.

      What made me smile the most was watching them set up a plate of cookies and milk for Santa, I have to say that was a beautiful sight. They decided to make a thank you card for him too and they wrote their names down, even the little one who cant even write. She copied my little brother’s name and I have to say for a kid who doesn’t know how to write she did one splendid job.

      In the morning they woke me up to tell me Santa had come to eat the cookies and boy where they excited! To see them so happy made me happy. It only reminded me of home, they are the reason I always want to come back. Their laughter and contagious happiness makes everything worthwhile. I’m glad I spent more time with them this year, I’m glad that we were able to make some things together. It’s those memories that last a lifetime, its the memories I’ve made with the people I love, my little monsters.

 Smile, create memories with the people that you love.


       Ever wonder why some things happen and some don’t? Sometimes we have a bad day and other times we have days that we might even consider to be the best of our lives. Why is it that we meet some people and not others? Are we meant to meet them or is all just by random chance?

      I’ve been thinking about the last couple of events in my life, some have been great and some not so great. One in particular stood out, I met a wonderful person about a month or so ago. One of those people you don’t think exist and when you find one you’re amazed. Perhaps its because our mentality is set to a closed environment that we don’t always go outside to look for new things.

      There’s hope. Hope for all of us. It’s something that we shouldn’t lose. Its something we should hold on to and embrace with all our might. Sometimes we forget we have it and we begin to lose sight of what could be. It’s a beautiful feeling when you see it again, to see that there is hope for the future. I’m not sure if its destiny or randomness, maybe a mixture of both that takes us to different places in life. Its in these places that we find people or we find words that open our eyes to see things we hadn’t before. It’s the amazing journey of life.

      Whatever you might desire, whatever it may be don’t forget that there is always hope. Don’t lose it.

Smile, there’s hope.

     Dad came home last week, and things were really awkward. I hadn’t seen him in many years when he came home I went to give him a warm welcome. I’ll be honest, I was expecting a hug and the whole “I missed you” deal. All I got was a, “Hi, nice to meet you.” and was pretty much ignored. He hugged my siblings and chatted and laughed with them, I felt really out of place. As I was standing there waiting to see if this was some sort of joke I realized that it wasn’t and walked away. Did he not know who I was? Oh wait, I forgot my name tag.

      Although I did not want to admit to my family, it was hurtful. What was I supposed to do? Wave my hands around and jump around to be noticed? Did I really need a name tag for my own father to hug me? I went back to working on a project. About an hour later I was finally noticed and was apologized to. So I said “that’s OK.” it really was, I mean I was practically ignored for years a little incident shouldn’t be such a big deal. But to me it was, as much as I dislike to admit.

      Looking on the bright side I realized that things didn’t have to be so bad. I have changed over the years for the better. Things are better now too, and although the idea of having him back home is still a bit weird it’s not so bad as it was the first day. I think we’re all getting used to the idea that we’re a family again, and that’s something beautiful.

Smile, look on the bright side.

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