Ever wonder why some things happen and some don’t? Sometimes we have a bad day and other times we have days that we might even consider to be the best of our lives. Why is it that we meet some people and not others? Are we meant to meet them or is all just by random chance?

      I’ve been thinking about the last couple of events in my life, some have been great and some not so great. One in particular stood out, I met a wonderful person about a month or so ago. One of those people you don’t think exist and when you find one you’re amazed. Perhaps its because our mentality is set to a closed environment that we don’t always go outside to look for new things.

      There’s hope. Hope for all of us. It’s something that we shouldn’t lose. Its something we should hold on to and embrace with all our might. Sometimes we forget we have it and we begin to lose sight of what could be. It’s a beautiful feeling when you see it again, to see that there is hope for the future. I’m not sure if its destiny or randomness, maybe a mixture of both that takes us to different places in life. Its in these places that we find people or we find words that open our eyes to see things we hadn’t before. It’s the amazing journey of life.

      Whatever you might desire, whatever it may be don’t forget that there is always hope. Don’t lose it.

Smile, there’s hope.