Now you may be one who believes that children should know that Santa is not real, that “Santa” is in fact the parents and I would agree with you. But I have to say that there is something about that man in a red suit that makes kids hopeful. Perhaps is the feeling that they will get gifts, I’m still not sure. Whatever the reason is doesn’t really matter when you see their faces lit up as they become little cookie makers for Santa.

      After a couple of trials on learning how to make cookies I think I finally succeeded. I had been practicing for some time so that come Christmas eve I could make cookies with my little monsters. I have to say that I was very happy to see them jump when I asked them if they wanted to help. Eager as they were they helped me make the best cookies ever. The look on their faces as they saw the first batch of cookies was priceless. It was their work, and they loved it. They were amazed at their results, and like any kids they had to try out their first cookies.

      What made me smile the most was watching them set up a plate of cookies and milk for Santa, I have to say that was a beautiful sight. They decided to make a thank you card for him too and they wrote their names down, even the little one who cant even write. She copied my little brother’s name and I have to say for a kid who doesn’t know how to write she did one splendid job.

      In the morning they woke me up to tell me Santa had come to eat the cookies and boy where they excited! To see them so happy made me happy. It only reminded me of home, they are the reason I always want to come back. Their laughter and contagious happiness makes everything worthwhile. I’m glad I spent more time with them this year, I’m glad that we were able to make some things together. It’s those memories that last a lifetime, its the memories I’ve made with the people I love, my little monsters.

 Smile, create memories with the people that you love.