Seriously, how many of us stop to think of the little things that happen everyday? From what I know of those around me, not many. If you think about it a lot of little things make a big difference everyday! It might be that you woke up without help from your alarm. Perhaps it was the flower in the garden that made you smile. Maybe you were having the worst day of the week and a stranger smiled and somehow that changed your whole outlook on life.

      It can be as small as finding a penny on the floor. As little as finding a dollar in the back pocket of your jeans. It has happened that something as small as a red light led someone to miss a flight, that ended up crashing. The little things are the new big differences.

      Sometimes I wonder if the little things are there for a reason. I don’t consider myself overly religious but really is this coincidence? A random event in our universe? These little things we take for granted seem to me like little big gifts we get on a daily basis. I think that I get more questions than answers and the truth is I may never get all the answers I seek. For now I can say that I am just happy knowing that no matter what happens there will be something to make me smile.

      Smile, open your eyes to the little things around you.