After a few months of blogging absence I can say that I am back for more postings. It has been a couple of intense months with school and home and all other extraordinary things too. I can’t complain much this year has been a good run thus far. It’s already half way through the year! Time seemed to go pretty fast I must say. It seems like yesterday that I was here typing away something for a random stranger to stumble upon. But today is another day, another time. Many times I wished to come back to post even the shortest post, but didn’t. I had many stories and many things to share but I had to keep some priorities straight even if they weren’t exactly to my liking.

So with this short post I start what I hope to be a Summer of blogging from my part and I wish to share my thoughts and stories with somebody out there.

As always,

Smile, because you never know who might be watching.