I heard about this on the news a few days ago and I thought it was a great idea. Not only that but I have been wanting to write about this for a long time. What better day than today to say THANK YOU to all who have donated blood today, yesterday or in past times.

About ten years ago as a little girl sitting on a chair in the waiting room of a hospital I made a promise that one day I would become a blood donor. As soon as I was able to I signed up for my first donation. That was a couple of years back but till today I still go back whenever I see a blood drive being held. I made that promise because strangers who were kind enough donated blood once and it was because of their unselfish kindness that my mother was able to attend my graduation, and was able to see my nieces and nephews grow. Today my mother is fine and in good health but ten years ago she was very sick. I will not go into details but it was terrible, she had blood transfusion after another after another. When I was sitting in that waiting room that night the doctors couldn’t give us much hope but my family held on and thankfully through a miracle or through whatever you want to call it my mom survived her surgery.

Our family ten years later and for many years to come will forever be greatful to those who donate blood. We never got a chance to meet the people who donated for my mom, but they will forever be our secret angels because they made a difference in all of our lives. Today being World Blood Donor Day I thank all of you donors out there because you guys do make a difference each and every day. Like my family and I, I am sure there are many other stories out there of people thankful for you guys too. Thankful that there are people who give so much. Thank you!

Smile, you too can make a difference.