When the family gets together for holidays or birthdays or for any reason I’m usually the one that takes pictures of the events. I’m there before the cake is seen by anyone else, I’m just there. I love taking pictures of my family, especially the ones when they aren’t looking. Why? Those pictures capture the true nature of the individual and I love that. Recently I went looking through some pictures that I had taken. There are some very hilarious pictures and there are pictures that no one has ever seen except me. Pictures of my little siblings growing up, my older siblings getting older.

Its amazing how in an instant you can create a memory. I have a picture of my nephew eating a piece of chicken while sitting on his dad’s lap and he’s talking to others around the table. That is one of my favorite pictures. While everyone is talking and enjoying what seems to be a good conversation, there in a section of it all is a memory of a little boy enjoying a piece of chicken without a care in the world. It seems almost as if the whole picture is in movement except him, truly beautiful.

I have many other pictures too of my whole family and even my friends. Looking back I realize how many have changed over the years. They have matured, grown up, some look slightly different and some look exactly the same. Memories are all that are left, memories captured by these photographs that some never thought were taken. Photographs that when I look at them make me smile, sometimes even laugh because they bring back all those memories back and I feel like if those events happened yesterday. When was the last time you looked at old photographs that you took?

It’s all amazingly beautiful.

Smile, just say “cheese!”