There are times when I catch myself thinking about the past. About the times when I was a little girl playing in the living room of my house with my toys and watching cartoons. I remember when waking up early on Saturday mornings was the norm and there was no complaints because cartoons would be waiting there on the tv. I remember the ice cream truck, the trips to the park, the two or three pages of homework assigned. I remember the sweet things of the past. When I think of it all I see how far I’ve come along, how much I’ve changed and grown into the person that I am today.

One of the things that comes to mind is learning about sacrifice. Now I’m not talking about crazy stuff you see on t.v and rituals and whatnot. I’m talking about sacrificing one’s time, one’s well anything to make someone else happy. Putting our needs and wants aside for someone else. I think many of us have done this once or twice, or even more. How many of us have decided to let someone go to be happier. How many of you have changed your life, your ways to make someone happy? Sacrifice. What a word don’t you think? I think that when you are able to put your selfishness aside is when we grow up a little more and become responsible.

Sometimes we sacrifice for love, for happiness. We sacrifice for those we love, for something better that in the end might not even be for ourselves but at the end seeing that person be happy makes up for everything.

Smile, because every time you smile you’re making someone happy.