I’m one of those people that loves to spend time alone as much as I love to spend time with the people that I love. For me, spending some alone time is necessary to be who I am. I love my friends and family (those most dearly close to me) and they know it too. I need to be alone sometimes, I just do. I can’t explain it, I just need to spend some hours on my own. I want to have some degree of freedom to know that I can do just about whatever I want to do. To know that if I want I can wake up and go to a movie and have lunch or go shopping all on my own. I like to do things on my own, that’s just who I am.

Some of my friends and family take it the wrong way that I don’t like them or whatnot and that’s not the case. When I spend time with them I like to make them feel what they are to me, special. But I firmly believe that everyone should have the opportunity to have some alone time. To me alone time is important because it is time for me to see new things, think of new things. Often times when I am alone I feel like my thoughts are clearer without anyone to influence my actions. When I’m alone I know exactly the kind of person that I am, because there is no pressure, nothing. When I’m alone I can focus on my environment completely and many times I have found this to be extraordinary for I have found things about myself that I never new existed. I learned by observing other people, observing their interactions with others and by taking the role of a lonely observer into this world that we all live in. It’s quite amazing I must say, looking in instead of looking around confused and unfocused.

Smile, look at the beautiful world around you.