Here is something that not everyone is able to handle well, truth. Surely you can think of at least one time when someone you really cared about lied to you. It could been something as simple as “a little white lie” or something even more devastating. Whatever the reason may be we lie everyday. Are you alright? Yeah. Truth? Not really. What is it about the truth that we can’t handle sometimes? It may be the fact that we alone create a world of safety, a world where we feel like everything is fine and dandy when in reality it may not be exactly what we created.

Sometimes we refuse to listen to the truth around us, to the truth behind the lies we are fed all the time. At the sign of a crack in our perfectly charming world we enter a stage of denial and its usually downhill from there for a while. I’m talking about the lies of betrayal and even the deception of just about everything. We’ve all felt it, we’ve all been through it and its not a great feeling.

It’s funny how we don’t want people to lie to us and yet we lie as well. It’s funny how we want the truth and when the truth finally faces us we run and hide under the nearest table and deny its existence. Funny how things work, don’t you think? Personally, I don’t like lies. I prefer the truth upfront whatever it may be than to find the truth on my own and live in deception.

Sometimes the truth is actually just what we need to make our day. We may find something to better than we expected and its those times of truth that make so many things worthwhile. We live in a world of lies, but every lie has a truth. It’s all about how you take the truth that makes the real difference.

Smile, the truth isn’t such a bad thing after all.