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I will be honest with you, when I think of home I don’t just think of my home where I sleep and spend time with my family. Home to me is more than one place. Home is where you feel safe, where you feel like you can be yourself. To me home is also school, I’ve spent many, many hours on campus and I love it there. When school is on session there is no day that I go when I don’t smile. It’s a beautiful campus, big yet small and the people are friendly. The hallways are usually warm in the sense that they feel like home, the library is peaceful and the gardens bring out beauty in every angle. The animals add a wild touch to a warm felt place, and the people that make up the campus make it vibrant and lively. My school is my home.

There are a couple of places where I like to go when I like to escape from my daily routines. These are the places that make me ponder about many things. These are the places with beautiful views, some are deserted yet they have something to them that makes me feel happy. One is a hill where there stands a tree, an old tree big and bright. The journey to the top is never easy but the view is breathtaking and captivating. Sitting by it makes me feel safe, accomplished. Another place is where I go watch movies, I usually like to go alone, its been a place where I’ve grown so much. A movie to me is a work of art in itself. When watching a movie and you think about your life and how you can relate and how you can change many a thing you know a movie has been well executed. I’ve watched many movies in this place, usually the same room and I love it there. I like how it is far from everything I know yet so close to visit whenever I need to. These places are home.

Home. Home is where the people that I love are, where they can smile and feel free. Home is where we can share memories that can last years. Home is where we feel that inner warmth in our hearts and when we go to one of our many homes over our lifetime we know as soon as we get there, we know where home is.

Smile, feel the warmth in your heart.


There are times when I catch myself thinking about the past. About the times when I was a little girl playing in the living room of my house with my toys and watching cartoons. I remember when waking up early on Saturday mornings was the norm and there was no complaints because cartoons would be waiting there on the tv. I remember the ice cream truck, the trips to the park, the two or three pages of homework assigned. I remember the sweet things of the past. When I think of it all I see how far I’ve come along, how much I’ve changed and grown into the person that I am today.

One of the things that comes to mind is learning about sacrifice. Now I’m not talking about crazy stuff you see on t.v and rituals and whatnot. I’m talking about sacrificing one’s time, one’s well anything to make someone else happy. Putting our needs and wants aside for someone else. I think many of us have done this once or twice, or even more. How many of us have decided to let someone go to be happier. How many of you have changed your life, your ways to make someone happy? Sacrifice. What a word don’t you think? I think that when you are able to put your selfishness aside is when we grow up a little more and become responsible.

Sometimes we sacrifice for love, for happiness. We sacrifice for those we love, for something better that in the end might not even be for ourselves but at the end seeing that person be happy makes up for everything.

Smile, because every time you smile you’re making someone happy.

When the family gets together for holidays or birthdays or for any reason I’m usually the one that takes pictures of the events. I’m there before the cake is seen by anyone else, I’m just there. I love taking pictures of my family, especially the ones when they aren’t looking. Why? Those pictures capture the true nature of the individual and I love that. Recently I went looking through some pictures that I had taken. There are some very hilarious pictures and there are pictures that no one has ever seen except me. Pictures of my little siblings growing up, my older siblings getting older.

Its amazing how in an instant you can create a memory. I have a picture of my nephew eating a piece of chicken while sitting on his dad’s lap and he’s talking to others around the table. That is one of my favorite pictures. While everyone is talking and enjoying what seems to be a good conversation, there in a section of it all is a memory of a little boy enjoying a piece of chicken without a care in the world. It seems almost as if the whole picture is in movement except him, truly beautiful.

I have many other pictures too of my whole family and even my friends. Looking back I realize how many have changed over the years. They have matured, grown up, some look slightly different and some look exactly the same. Memories are all that are left, memories captured by these photographs that some never thought were taken. Photographs that when I look at them make me smile, sometimes even laugh because they bring back all those memories back and I feel like if those events happened yesterday. When was the last time you looked at old photographs that you took?

It’s all amazingly beautiful.

Smile, just say “cheese!”

I remember a few years back trying to bake some cookies only to have them burnt, not baked, or just weird tasting. Ever since last year I decided to give baking another try. It was a challenge after many weird looking cookies I wondered if I would even make something worth looking at. After a couple of months of trying and trying I’ve been getting better at the whole baking subject. Cakes come out looking like cakes, cookies look like cookies. I even tried making pies. Now recipes I try seem easier, I learned a few tricks from my own mistakes and tricks that were passed down to me from my older sister as well.

Usually I bake when I really want to try out a recipe or when I want to practice for something big. Sometimes I bake because it has become a form of relaxation exercise and usually do it before major exams. My favorite part of baking and cooking is when people enjoy the food. Food sure brings people together. Amazing isn’ it? How something as simple as food can bring people together for some time. I must say from my experience it’s beautiful. I’m sure there are other things that bring people together like sports, important events, books, even rocks bring people together.

All I know is that I am glad that I didn’t give up after many weird looking cookies and I’m glad I gave it another try. My baking experience is only a small expample of life out there  sometimes we get knocked down time and time again. In the end it doesn’t matter how many times you were knocked down but the fact that you got up again. With that said, don’t give up even if its on something small (like my cookies) because small things can bring to big changes.

Smile, don’t give up.

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