I remember the days when I was a child and things like Autism were unheard of, that was just a couple of years ago (I’m not that old!). Autism became very familiar to us a few years later in my family. I still remember when we first heard of it, we had many questions and we didn’t have many answers. We became aware of it existence when my nephew spent time and time with doctors each saying the same thing, he is autistic. We kept our lives going just as we always had, in my family Autism was well… not autism but a phase. Most of us believed that it would soon go away, we knew no one who was familiar with it and so we kept going on.

My nephew is still considered to be autistic but he is an incredible kid and to us he’s just as normal as any other kid. To doctors he isn’t, might be because we love him dearly and/or because the doctors don’t spend as much time as we do with him. Either way he is a great kid with aspirations and ready for a bright future.

My point to this post is the intolerance and ignorance of people. Many times I’ve heard people make fun of Autism, and almost in every case its by people who’ve never had a loved one with it. To be honest it sickens me how people can be so ignorant about issues like this. I feel like our family has been blessed but there may be another family who is not as blessed as us. Today I woke up to read the news only to find one to be very disturbing, a mother had killed her children because they were Autistic and wanted “normal” kids. (CBS Story Link Here). First of all, I can’t imagine what the situation was at that home, that does not justify why she took away the life of two innocent children. What sickened me the most were the comments some people made, agreed there is a right of speech but I believe that I too have the right to feel the way I feel.

What is “normal” anyway? I think that is one definition I’ve longed for so long to find. The best thing I can think of is that normal is something that we’re accustomed to, a sense of traditionalism if you may. Autistic people are normal too, that doesn’t make them any less human than anyone else. We are all in this world together. Perhaps it is too much to ask for some tolerance from some people, but that doesn’t mean that we have to stop trying to bring smiles to others.

Smile, turn a frown upside down.