Who can forget the “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” from the movie ‘The Shining’ ? Not only did the movie scared me but it burned those words to my mind. Sometimes when school work seems overwhelming I wonder when it will all be over, only to remind myself that in my field it will never be over. I remember working on a problem that seemed to have no end in sight. I must’ve sat here on my desk for hours working over and over again for an answer that did not seem reasonable at all. I wondered what I was doing wrong and my sister told me I wasn’t taking a break, I needed to start over again but with a fresh mind. I listened. It worked.

My mother often complains at how I lack sleep, at how I’m too buried in my books, she’s been complaining ever since Kindergarten started. My mentor told me one day that I should never think small, or think that I can’t. He also said that to reach our goals one has to work and work hard. So whenever I feel like school just seems too much I stop and I think, I have to finish, I’m going to finish. Just think about it, if we didn’t work hard for what we want, no one else can do it for us. How could we reach the end of a long path and savor the sweet victory if the in-between was not hard work? My sister told me that it is only when we work hard for something that we can learn to value what we’ve done and it is then that no one can take away that from us.

Although my life at times seems to be all work and no play, I know that at the end it would all be worth it. I can’t wait to walk down to receive my diploma, to finally say that I have made it to the halfway point of my most challenging goal. I’m working, I’m working hard, and I’m smiling because I know there’s something great waiting for me in the end.

Smile, don’t give up on your goals.