A while back I started to compile a list or as some call it a Bucket List, things that I want to do before I die. As odd or macabre as it may sound (because thats what i’ve been told) I like it. I like to know that I wrote these things down just so that I can go back and look at what still needs to be done and what not. One of the items on that list is to write a whole novel.

I’m not exactly how the idea initially started but I got into it. I’ve tried to write stories before and never really got to finish them because I had no clear plot or ending to what I was doing. This one seems to be a bit different. I’ve been working on chapter one for months now. I rewrote it a few days ago as a way for me to take a different look on the story itself. It was difficult at first, I felt like I was deleting away days of writing, creativity, hard work but it had to be done. Now that I’m working on the new updated version of my first chapter I feel like it has a better start and a better flow to what is to come in the next chapters.

Image from Flickr by user JKim1

For the first time I even figured out the ending. The one thing that usually prevented me from finishing a story was not knowing where it was leading and how it was gonna end. Not this time. During one of my sleepless nights I started putting the puzzle pieces together, it started to make sense, everything. The next morning that was the first thing I outlined and finally everything makes sense. I was very happy.

I know I dont have much for a couple months of work but believe me its more than i’ve ever had regarding my writing of stories. I feel like this project is a keeper and I feel like I can actually finish this. What am I gonna do when its done? I’m not sure, I was asked this by a friend yesterday. Still not sure what i’m going to do. So far I know that I have my friend who wants to read it, thats more than what I expected. Now off I go to continue my trail of thoughts into this project of mine!

Smile, don’t give up, keep on trying.