The ceiling fan’s blades spin endlessly.

It’s been a long day, a long warm day. My feet take ghostly walks across invisible fields. My body is tired and unmoved. My brain tries to concentrate on the remnants of the glow in the dark days of my room. They turn on and off with the spinning of the blades.

Is this madness? No. Yes. Maybe. It feels more like an out of body experience. My eyes are wide open, my mind tells me it’s time to close them, its time to dream of things that don’t exist (or maybe they do). It’s time to dream of a twisted mirrored world of my own reality. I close my eyes. Nothing works. I can hear hear the faint noise of the ceiling fan.

When did it even begin to make a noise? I can’t remember, it’s not like it matters. Yes, it does matter.

I close my eyes again, I think of my day… actually that’s a bad idea its too much to think about. I think of a trip I took a while back. Tranquil, serene, the breeze and the salty taste of the ocean air… the fan is making it’s noise. It’s spinning, spinning, spinning. Taunting me, the noise it makes surely is laughter. My eyes are opened, I feel like I have night vision. Oh wait, my eyes have adjusted to the darkness of my room. The fan keeps laughing, I know it’s laughing. I pull the sheets over my head, the fan is not laughing anymore, oh the peace has finally settled in! I close my eyes.

Slowly with my eyes closed I start to pull the sheets back, I can’t make noise or the fan will surely see me and laugh once more. I’ve made it! It didn’t see me! I open my eyes.

There’s light, the Sun is shinning brightly outside, the birds are chirping away. It was all a dream, or so it seams. But then I look up and see the ceiling fan’s blades spinning endlessly.

Smile, the sun is shinning.