It is the end of the 7th month of the year, July. Time sure seems to go by quickly sometimes. I still remember the early months of the year when the days were colder and school was on full swing. Months go by and by, faster or so they seem. Looking back at just this one month of this year I see that a lot has happened in my life. One month, that’s all the time it took for my life to take many twists and turns all over this Universe.

Taken from Visatupa's Summer Activity page.

There were great news in my life, and some that weren’t that great. Friendships and bonds with some people became stronger. I can’t say that I regret anything, there really is no point to have regrets. It has been a great month so far, anxiously awaiting the next one to come. Just a few hours left… here comes August.

Do I have goals for August? Of course, write more posts, send more letters, have meaningful moments with the people that I love, prepare for going back to school. It may sound like your usual pre-school/end of Summer plans but they are a bit different this year than they have been in the past. Perhaps I will elaborate more on that with posts to come. I cannot complain for I have been given the gift of life this month, a whole month to spend with the people that I love. I have been given the opportunity to make lasting memories, choices. I was given the opportunity to tell people I love them and I hope to do it many more times again.

Smile, you’ll get a fresh start soon.