After reading a few posts from various blogs I came to the conclusion that this month I want to have a few month long goals of mine. School will be starting soon again next month and I want to know that I did something that I wanted to do. Now, usually I’ll do a thing or two but I feel that if I take it on as a challenge I’ll be better off.

Here are my goals for the month:

  1. Go on a walk everyday. I love going for walks but the Summer Sun really gets to me, I’ll start going evenings or mornings, I really miss going on walks.
  2. Photography. Take more random pictures of anything.
  3. Study. Because school starts next month, I want to review for my future classes.
  4. Blog. I want to aim at a post a day which means 31 posts for this month (two down with this one)

Small goals, with purpose. Do you have any goals for the month?

Smile, do something that makes you happy!