I adore my big brother with all my heart. We grew up together, and ever since I can remember he has always been there for me. He has taught me many valuable lessons over the years. He was a fatherly figure when my father was not around, he was my brother and defended me from the world. He was and is my best friend to this day.

In all honesty, he was always a role model to me. Ever since I was little I mimicked him in many things, like playing video games. I got into the whole science field because he always talked to me about science. My brother believed in me when no one else seemed to, pushed me to be a better person and student. My brother believes firmly in education, and has always offered me his support so that I can follow my dreams.

He taught me that a person is not measured by their wealth or looks but by their actions.

He is by nature a philanthropist, a modest and honest man. He believes that every person has a good nature within. Helping those in need and believes that everyone is capable of making a difference one step at a time. At times he acts like a kid, and loves to make people smile. My brother is all this and more, a great man, father, and friend. My brother is someone I can talk to about anything because no matter what I say good or bad he’ll find a way to make everything seem alright.

Dear big brother,

Have I mentioned what an amazing brother you are?

I love you.

Smile, because someone admires you.