A few posts ago I mentioned how I made some goals for the month so here is a small update. To start, I’ve been posting more stuff here on the blog, and that makes me very happy. It gets me thinking about a lot of things. I will confess that the last couple of days I have been suffering from a terrible case of Writer’s Block, but I am determined to get through.

I started reading! I’m talking about reading for pleasure and not for school and the like. It’s been nice picking up and book and just read, when I’m done I will post a review on it later (P.S. Book is really good). I started on my studying as well, started working on a project that was left on pause for a few weeks. Study wise things are turning up smoothly.

I started going on my walks again, I love it. I love the weather right now. I love that burst of energy after finishing my walks. Not only is it relaxing but it makes me feel good. As for photography, not much luck on that but I do expect to do that soon seeing as how I have a few birthdays coming up. Overall I like how things are turning up so far, its been a few days but I can see myself getting through.

Smile, do something you’ve been putting on hold for a while!