Last night I was talking to a friend of mine and part of what we discussed was how our attitude influences other people. Just think about it, the way you act will in a way transmit to those around you.

Taken from: ExperimentGarden Blog

To make matters more simple, if you are the kind of person who is always negative about everything you start discouraging others. I’ve actually seen this many times, like the pessimist mother at her son’s baseball game. While all the mothers are cheering on for their kids, she’s just shouting how he can’t even hold a bat, and the son hasn’t even started batting. Its a sad to see things like this, and even sadder to see others be influenced by such attitudes.

Some may call it realist, or whatever it is that they call it. Personally I don’t see how “realism” justifies a person’s negative attitude. You can be a realist without being overly negative about everything. Another example is when someone you know gets some kind of promotion or award, something that is important to them. Then comes someone to break the mood with negative words that make that person feel unhappy and start to believe that they really didn’t deserve such award or promotion. It makes me wonder why people act in such ways some times.

Taken from: "Beach People are Happy People" by Jill Allison Bryan

Think about how your attitude influences others. If your attitude is positive and happy you are sure to make people around you smile and feel better. If your attitude is that of an absolute pessimist, please try to your best not to ruin moods around you. What we say and do does make a difference even if you don’t think so, sometimes even the smallest of things make the biggest difference of all.

Smile, make people around you happy!