I have a friend who I love talking to, a great conservationist and I must say one who has been a great inspiration to me lately. Over the course of a recent conversation he asked me why I was so reluctant to trust people. Although he is is not the first person to ask the same question I don’t think many understand my point of view… correctly.

I admit that I have trust issues and is by far one of my greatest faults, my issues arise from all sorts of experiences and the like. Now, I know it is unhealthy to have such issues (yes, I know) but it’s not as easy as people think it is. Some people think that I just don’t trust anyone at all. Not correct. Some people think that I can’t trust people because I have some kind of traumatic event in my life. Not correct. Alright so my life was never perfect, but it was never as really THAT bad either. In my point of view it was just like any other random Jane out there. There were problems like in many other families, there were sad moments, just like with any other person but there were times of enjoyment as well.

I personally dislike being psychoanalyzed by others (no offense to those who study Psychology). Have you ever been “analyzed” psychologically? I prefer to be analyzed by a professional but not by some random “I Know All There Is To Know About Psychology” person. Most of the time I laugh, they usually get things wrong to begin with, but it does get annoying at times.

So why don’t I trust people?

I do trust people, actually I trust many people. But I have come to learn that giving your trust blindly is not always a good thing, sometimes it turns out to be a good thing and other times its just far too devastating. I’ve been judged quickly as a person with trust issues, yes I have issues. The only difference is that I believe trust is something that should be earned and not blindly given away to everyone that passes our way. Why is that so difficult for others to understand about me? I have no idea, I thought the idea was plain and simple. I guess people just like to over analyze things, and I don’t blame them I often do that myself.

Smile, because no matter what people say, you know who you are.