It’s been ten years since I met some of my closest friends, ten years! That’s a whole decade, that’s half of my life. I have known these wonderful people for half of my life! To me that is something extraordinary to know that I can count of them a decade later, it means a lot.

We met back in middle school, our little group. Back then we were kids and we didn’t know much about anything. Back then we cared about the then and nothing else. We had fun, we laughed together, we learned together, and we grew up together. We were only kids when we met, we are much older now, wiser, and more responsible. We have goals, and daily challenges. We’ve gone through so much over the years, breakups and smiles, changes and moving around. That’s life isn’t it? A series of events, one after another. But no matter what happened, we still talk today like we did back in the day.

There were times we grew apart for a few weeks, months, but it didnt matter how long we were away from each other because when we saw each other again we talked like we were never apart. We are friends, really close friends. At times it seems like we can read each others minds, we know each others quirks and peeves. We make each other smile when we are down, we celebrate in happiness, and cry together even if we are miles away.

A family of friends.

We are like a family. Its funny to think you’ve known someone for half of your life when you are still young. It makes me feel a bit old but it also makes me feel very happy to know we’ve made it through a decade, and I know we can make it through many more.

Smile, what matters is who is there with you till the very end.