When was the last time you had a pleasant dream? Dreams are somewhat rare for me. I’m talking about dreams that give you a feeling of comfort and happiness. Dreams that sometimes seem unreal but make you smile, dreams that make you think and wonder when you wake up.

In the past I’ve had several great dreams. Some of these have been very random, vivid, and real-like. There were times that it felt so real that I questioned my reality when I woke up. What I like about dreams is that sometimes I know I’m dreaming while dreaming. I’ve had dreams of places that were beyond amazing, beautiful and intriguing to say the very least. Many of these have inspired me to write, to think and even to draw.

I have seen worlds and faces. I have experienced emotions that I did not think were possible to feel so real in a dream. I love to dream about worlds that don’t exist, people I’ve never met, and going in adventures within my own dreams. Perhaps its my mind telling me what I want. I know there are people who interpret dreams, maybe all dreams do have meanings. If they do or they don’t, I’m not sure. All I know is that dreaming is a wonderful thing. Who knows maybe one day I’ll share a dream or two here.

Smile, some dreams can be a good thing.