Dear Friend,

You have made me very happy all these years. You and I have shared many memories together. We talked endlessly for many hours over the years. You asked me the questions no one else dared to ask, and you always gave me your most honest opinion about everything and anything even if it was not what I wanted to hear. Your honesty only made you a greater person in my eyes for you dared not to say a lie.

I met you as a child, a random kid on a random day. Now I don’t exactly remember how it all began, but I don’t fear not knowing for I know that you remember it so clearly. Somehow the Universe crossed our paths time and time again over the years. I saw you close, I saw you from far away. There was a time when we took two very different paths but it didn’t matter because I still held you close to my heart.

I’m very glad I met you on that random day, at that random place, those many years ago. I am glad the Universe crossed your path with mine and I’ll tell you why. Because you made me see things about me that no one else was willing to show me. You said things so straight and did not confused me. You made me smile, you stayed there when I had no way out. You made me realize that there were things in life that I had lost a sight of. You made a difference in my life and I know I can’t ever repay you back for that.

Now things are starting to change, life has made us take many choices, easy ones and life turning ones. I know you want to find your purpose, you want to live a life with no regrets and many smiles. No matter what you do, I support you every step of the way. The Universe is about to take a spin, and place us in different places in this space we call Earth. We are about to embark on a grand journey of life, but no matter where life takes us tonight or tomorrow, or the day after for that matter you will always be in my heart. You have always been in my heart from day one. Although far apart I know I will continue to bother you constantly and you will continue making me thinking endlessly.

May the Universe surprise you in many pleasant ways in this journey you are about to embark on.


P.S. Smile, because your smile is contagious.