I wrote about Dreams in a previous post a few days ago, today’s post will be about nightmares. Now I know I mentioned in the previous post that dreams were somewhat rare for me, nightmares are not rare for me at all. You may attribute this to whatever it is that you want but honestly I really don’t know why I have them almost on a daily basis. Sometimes I wonder if this is genetic as there have not been any big traumatic event in my life to make me a depressed person. Now the reason why I wonder if nightmares may be genetic is because I know I’m not the only one in my family that has them often. I found about this recently and I thought it was a very interesting thing.

The Nightmare by Fuseli

I started to have recurring nightmares during a Summer a few years back, it started suddenly. Before that I wasn’t much of a nightmare person and when my nightmares started I was scared. I was scared for a couple of weeks until I learned that they were only nightmares and nothing more. Over the years my nightmares became my inspiration for many, many things. I learned to face a lot of my fears I didn’t think I could face before.

Some of my nightmares are really bad, some are just plain weird. My nightmares gave me many ideas for my novel, and thanks to them the ideas I have for my novel seem perfect as of now. I plan to incorporate many of the nightmares I’ve had in my story, it only seems fitting. While many frown upon the idea of dreaming of nightmares on a daily basis I have discovered that in them lie creativity and discovery. I guess you can say that I like to see the bright side in it all, but nightmares do have a positive outlook. I can’t say that I love nightmares but many times I wake up amazed at the worlds my mind creates, and the complexity of it all.

Smile, there’s always a bright side to something dark.