Recently I started to get back on my reading ways. See, back in the days before college I used to read a lot. Reading was one of my favorite past times. Somehow when entering college all of that started to change, mainly because I had to focus on my actual studies. Either way, I always found books to bee intriguing to the mind and loved reading them so. Recently I started to read Dracula, by Bram Stoker , a book I had been wanting to read for years!

Luckly I managed to get my hands on a copy and began to read away, as of now I am half way through the book and I love it! I can’t believe how long it took me to actually get the book. I have other books on my list mostly classics. I can’t say that I will get to them by the end of the year but I definitely know that I will keep my reading days alive. Reading books is not only a good past time but it helps me relax, it helps me imagine worlds that were brought to life with words written by others. Books give me ideas, and get my mind running and that is exactly what I need.

Smile, grab a book!