There are times that we hold on to memories that are very dear to us. We hold on to these memories by keeping mementos of times past, photographs, and sometimes even people we love so much. There are times when one has to learn to just let go of the past and times that are no longer in our present and wont be in our future. Why? Because depending on the situation grasping the past more than the present and future we hurt ourselves, we hurt those around us. Holding on to what is no longer is not always a healthy thing for us. We can’t always live in something that no longer is, we cannot expect a person to be with us unhappy.

Sometimes we need to learn to let go.

It’s not easy, it is one of the hardest things to do but at times a necessary thing to do. It can’t be expected to let go overnight because sometimes it takes us time, days, weeks, months, even years to even understand that we are not happy holding on to something. I’ll give you an example, I held on to a gift an old friend gave me. Together we shared many great memories but it was a friendship that did not last as no real friendship holds betrayal. Even though I finished that friendship I held on to memories, but with time I realized that keeping them in a way kept that toxic bond still there and I had to let go for good. Letting go was an invigorating experience, I felt new, I felt like I had a grasp on my own life. I admit that letting go of things after that became easier, there’s no point to dwell on the past when we have many great moments ahead of us.

Smile, let go of what’s old and enjoy the fruits of tomorrow.