Sometimes I wonder how everything is so graciously calculated to the most minute detail. It’s incredible to think and wonder about the world around you and how it all compliments so “perfectly”. I’ll tell you a personal story of mine that made me think to a great extent. One day I had a major exam in school (this year to be exact), I studied, went to my class and took my exam and came out earlier than what I had expected. I felt a bit nervous for I had finished “too early” but I felt confident nevertheless, but that day I decided to linger around the hallways. Why? I don’t know I just did, I just walked around without a clue, without a reason. I then began to make my way out of campus, I walked slower than usual, taking in every scent, every breeze that caressed my face with a smile. As I kept on walking I saw another student walking the same path that I was in front of me. I pulled my phone out as I was checking the time when I realized I had a missed call, entertained as I was in my own little world I nearly bumped into the student in front of me. I apologized for not paying attention and then he greeted me.

We began a conversation that lasted almost two hours about the economy, the current status of school and to make matters more interesting his dislike of my field in science. I must say that young man was by far one of the most interesting and most intellectually captivating strangers I had ever come across. The guy made me think of so many issues that had never been presented so straight forward to me. He made me see a different side of the field I want to work in, a side that I hadn’t thought of before. The side of the people not in my field. The man was right in so many aspects, he talked to me about his aspirations of writing a book, it was all incredible to me. After that meeting I thought to myself, if I had not finished my exam early, if I had not walked those hallways without reason, if I had not walked slower than usual, if I had not reached out for my phone there is a chance that I wouldn’t be telling you this story. I wouldn’t have met that “intellectual stranger” that day. Funny how one small moment in time can change so many things in the future.

Smile, you might come across an unexpected but pleasant surprise.