Here is the second part of questions! I have to say these questions have made me think and have been a very fun to answer, you should try them out too! Now, as promised questions 16-30 out of “75 Questions to Ask Yourself”

  • 16.  Do I care about others? I do care about people, my family, my friends, and even strangers. It’s part of my humanity to care about others.
  • 17. Do I spend enough time with my family? Unfortunately not the way I wish I did. There are days when I wish my whole family could get together and form bonds. I get along with them but I wish we could all spend more time together.
  • 18. Am I open-minded? Yes, I’ll listen to even the wildest ideas. I’ll believe more if you can show me proof, but I’m willing to listen to it all.
  • 19. Have I seen enough of the world? Absolutely not! I’ve seen many wonderful places in my life but I have many, MANY more to see.
  • 20. Do I judge others? I have a friend who tells me that the reason she feels comfortable talking to me is because I don’t judge others. Of course that may not always be the case with every person I meet but I try to not judge people.
  • 21. Do I take risks? Not as many as I wish I did. In my natural “habitat” I’m more of a risk taker when I’m away from people I love than when I am with them. When I am with them I take them into consideration first, every time.
  • 22. What is my purpose? I’ve yet to find my “great purpose in life” for now my purpose is to be there for those I love and to do my best to make people smile and be happy, even if I don’t know them.
  • 23. What is my biggest fear? Not being able to help the people I love. Interestingly enough, this is a recurring theme in my nightmares
  • 24. How can I conquer that fear? By helping people out of course!
  • 25. Do I thank people enough? You have no idea how many times my family has told me to STOP saying “thank you”. It’s one of my favorite habits. My family has heard it for the last 20 years from me but other people love it. Saying “Thanks” can make a person’s day!
  • 26. Am I successful? Yes, if you knew my career and what I’ve done you’d see I’ve surpassed the expectations. Not that I want to brag, but I’m very content for what I’ve done thus far.
  • 27. What am I ashamed of? I can’t think of anything I’m ashamed of. =)
  • 28. Do I annoy others? Yes, I can’t control what people like and dislike. Sorry!
  • 29. What are my dreams? First, to see my family happy and well off. Secondly, to finish my career goals and be happy with my life.
  • 30. Am I positive? Definitely! Absolutely! =)

Smile, because you can!