Back to school is just around the corner! I’m very excited, and nervous as well. My classes this quarter will be challenging and I hope by the end of the 10th week I feel as excited as I do now. Because Summer vacation has been longer than what I always hope for, i’ve gotten into some not so good habits. For one, the World Cup just killed me (always does). The snacks, the food (yummy) really got to me. The heat kept me from doing stuff I liked, and well overall I got really lazy this Summer. This month I decided to add my walks back to my regular routine even though the heat is still getting to me. I’ve enjoyed my walks these last couple of weeks.

What has changed? I stepped up my game. I started to eat healthier around mid-month. I started to work out. My main concern is going back to school and being so out of shape that I’ll feel super tired by the time I reach the top floor of the building. When I’m in school I walk A LOT! From building to building, up and down hills and here and there too. I feel great so far, the heat has limited my activities greatly (over 100 degree weather where I live) but everything feels great.

Smile, step your game up!