Have you ever made a decision that haunted you for some time? Maybe not everyday but every now and then made you think if what you did was the right thing? I had one of those and it wasn’t until recently that I realized that it was one of the best decisions I ever made.

I’ve had my share of criticism, lost friendships, and labeled in many ways over the last couple of years because of that one breakup. Ah relationships… so complicated at times. Overall, it was way too much drama, more than anyone would want. Of course I was the bad person in several stories, and I learned to live with the questioning, and labeling, and pointing. Now that I think of it, I lived in my very own teenage movie that mind you has lasted into my college years.

Things happen for a reason, and I’m a firm believer of that. “Good things come to those who wait” and you know what? I don’t mind waiting, and working because I know there are great things out there for all of us we just have to learn to be patient and overcome the obstacles that come our way. So revisiting old days and looking at how things have turned out to be I have no regrets. I don’t mind the drama that has been a part of my life, my decisions, none of it. I learned things here and there from it all. Its nice to revisit the old days, but I am glad they are past me. Its nice to feel that feeling of being past certain phases in your life to know that you can apply what you’ve learned to what you have today and what will come tomorrow. So I’ll wait patiently, I’ll let life take its course because no matter what happens tomorrow is a new day and tomorrow something new awaits.

Smile, there’s something great for you out there!