Today I took my little niece to school, because she is currently in Preschool I have to sign her in and out when I pick her up. To my surprise there was a Parent Meeting today, I wasn’t sure if I had to stay (Seeing as how the meeting was mandatory for all PARENTS). Am I a parent? A bit confused, I went over to ask one of the teachers, “You’re her aunt, of course you’re a parent!” and she smiled and said I could take a seat next to my niece. Honestly, I felt a bit weird but I can’t lie either, I was very excited to sit down on the little green chair.

I felt big, and old. The little green chair was so small, the table was really small and short but for the kids they were big. Then I thought of how the tables have turned around over the years. I used to be the kid sitting down on those chairs waiting for my parents, I was the kid sitting down on the chair thinking that the table was too big and here I was an adult now thinking the table and chairs were so small. I find it interesting how our perspective changes with time and experience.

I sat there next to her while she worked on a wooden puzzle, which she finished very quickly. Ah how she reminds me of myself when I was little. I love puzzles… loved them ever since I was about her age. She showed me how she figured out where the pieces belonged and proudly she showed me the end result with a big smile on her face. This is her reality, her world as of now. A big classroom, toys, songs, and ‘Tag Tag Goose’ games. Remember when that was your reality? I know I do.

So there I was, sitting down on this little green chair listening to the teachers talk about the new safety rules, and future parent meetings. So this is what its like to be an adult right? Being responsible, being a role model for the little ones, keeping them safe, helping them grow into amazing adults. Being there at all times. I can’t stop thinking of how things change so quickly with the passage of time. Before I know it, I’ll get older and one day my niece will too think that the little green chair and table she once knew to be so big will one day be little.

Smile, not all changes are bad.