The title is self is explanatory, the book or “journal” was created to be read day by day. Each day of the year comes with a small lesson on how to be a better leader. Sometimes you have outlines, stories, and points of view from the author. At the bottom of each day (page) the author asks you a question based on what you read for the day and leaves some lines for you to write in your answers. This is a most beautifully hardcover book. Can be used as a gift to someone (includes a dedicatory page where you can write to the person you are gifting the book), its beautifully executed and will make a lovely addition to any book collection.

I loved the book! As soon as I read the first page I knew this was a book that was perfect for my taste. I have been looking for a book about leadership for sometime, but a book that was going to challenge me and make me think and this is just that. I like how the book is also a journal. From reading the book I realized that it’s also great for blogging, it gave me many ideas to write about and many ideas on what to work on next. Overall I would definitely recommend this book. If anyone does get a copy let me know what you think about it!

This book was a gift from Thomas Nelson for this review.

Smile, we all have something to work on to be better beings.