I miss blogging. Alright, so maybe my posts weren’t the best out there but I really miss it. I miss being able to sit down and just write. It was a way for me to relax and over the last couple of weeks I haven’t been able to do that which I like. I’ve had some hectic weeks, to say the least. School started off slow and before I knew it I had everything piling up (and I havent procrastinated, imagine if I had?) assignment after assignment. Exam after exam. Project after project… and of course my main side project (not including my novel project I want to work on).

Here’s a rundown of how my day starts. I wake up at 6:15AM each day, contemplate for 5 minutes if I should stay in bed for 5 more minutes, eventually I get up. By 7:30AM I’m ready, my backpack is ready, my E-Mail is checked, replies have been sent, notes taken down for meetings later on, all work is in backpack and ready to go. By 7:35AM I’m already walking out the door on my way to school and on my way I eat my breakfast which usually consists of 4oz of OJ, and a granola bar that I eat every so slowly. By 8:50 I’m in class. I come home a little before 5PM. Check E-Mail, prioritize my tasks, check on my nieces and nephews. Get the latest updates on the family. By 7PM I grab a quick dinner, and work on homework. Sleep comes after 2AM. And the day starts again.

Image from Bridge House B&B

What I miss the most? Having a sit down breakfast and dinner. I’ve come to notice many things we take for granted, even sitting down for a cup of coffee without doing anything else seems like heaven to me right now. I haven’t watched movies like I used to, even my favorite shows have been put on hold (watch a few mins today, a few the next). Right now it feels like my life is in a constant hectic motion.

Surprisingly enough, my grades are high. Work and work sure seems to pay off. I’m alive, I’m getting through, and all I know is that good days are on my way. One day soon enough I’ll have a sit down breakfast and/or dinner again. =)

Smile, good days are on their way to you too.