I chose my career again over that wonderful feeling in your tummy that comes when you eat imaginary butterflies. Why? Because I’m stupid, you might say. At times I feel like I’m playing a game similar to Deal or No Deal with the Universe. What do I mean by this? I mean that there are many times that I complain out loud “Why did this happen to me?” sound familiar? Yeah, we all do it at one point or another. Why is it that the Universe likes to play games with us, why is it that the Universe likes us to trip on this rock we call Earth? Why, why, WHY?

Image from Simply Butterflies

Are we ever really going to get the answers to all those “Why”s? Maybe not. But that doesn’t stop us from asking them out loud especially when we feel like we are at the edge of our sanity. So back to my Deal or No Deal ordeal. I feel like there are times that the Universe offers me some great things and I decline them, I let them go. Perhaps because I think that something better will come along, perhaps because I feel like I am not ready for something great, perhaps because I feel like my current responsibilities have a greater weight. It could be that or many other reasons, which don’t matter at the moment.

What matters is that I let it pass by, that possibility of that warm feeling many people look for. That feeling that makes you happy and make you smile like some lunatic on drugs. I take risks, but for some reason this risk of Imaginary Butterflies is a risk I can’t get myself to take again. Is not so much as selfishness as it is of being scared, I’m scared of those butterflies. No regrets will be taken, because life has to continue, it waits for no one. Tomorrow will be another day, and many tomorrow will be the day I won’t be scared of those imaginary butterflies anymore.

Smile, because the Universe has many things to offer.