You can learn a lot about people by what they write, how they write and why they write. Recently I’ve been reading some letters from a few friends of mine. Makes me realize how we are all writers in one way or another, we all have things to share. Somehow I think that people find it easier to express themselves through writing than it is through one on one talking. Of course, that’s not always the case but for some people that’s what makes them more comfortable when expressing themselves and their ideas.

Sometimes I feel like I am in my own little world. It’s far from being perfect, its simple and yet at times very chaotic. Who’s life isn’t chaotic anyways? However, sometimes we are so trapped in our own worlds that we forget about others. I learned a lot from my friends, their inner struggles. The struggles behind the smiles and laughs. The kind of things only the eyes say and yet they say nothing at all. Everyone has interesting stories, experiences. Why don’t we share them? Perhaps because not all stories are suited for everybody, perhaps because society has rules of right and wrong. We fear judgment. I often times say that I don’t, but in all honesty I do. We all do. We fear how we will be perceived, how we will be accepted. Even facial expressions so subtle as the movement of the eyes are enough to set many people off on a downward spiral.

When you talk to people, your words are said. Sometimes those words just get lost in space. When you write, you give people a choice. To read, or not to read that is your option. If you read, you can learn a lot about someone. When you read, sure words may get lost in space but not as many as when you talk. Because the reader made the choice to read what you had to say.

Just think next time when you are talking to someone, how much are they actually listening? What are the stories their eyes are trying to say that you cannot hear? Don’t forget that everyone has something to share.

Smile, everyone has a story.