I’m currently under a week long retreat from the world. It’s not the most isolated or best retreat I’ve had but it was one that I definitely needed. Do you ever feel like you need some time and space to put your thoughts straighter? Or just to relax a little bit? I know I do often. I need my retreats like I need air. People often wonder why I isolate myself, I like the quiet days, the days when I know nothing of the world. It helps me think, it helps me keep my center of tranquility and inner stability and strength. Being a student has given me the ability to do this at least once every year, I usually do this in between breaks.

I rest my brain a little, I write, read, more. I listen to music and watch movies, things that I love. I sit outdoors and watch the sky change color right before my eyes. I take a moment to stop and note my surroundings, note the changes the seasons have brought. No social networking sites, nothing to distract me, just me and my surroundings. Nothing else.

I feel at peace. I’m putting pieces of my life puzzle together as I write this. I’m savoring these moments, moments of peace of mind. Who wouldn’t want that?

Smile, give yourself a retreat. We all deserve one.