We’re moving! The thought alone gives me a bitter sweet feeling, I went to visit the new place and I must say that I really liked it. I have many plans too, for one I’ll be doing a lot more exercise, I’ll have more space for myself, I’ll have better lighting conditions to see the stars, I’ll be able to jump into a pool whenever I please. I’m already thinking of swimming in the rain…

While there are many good things about the new house, and all the changes that are about to come over me, I’m a bit sad to leave my home. THIS home. This is where I practically grew up, I’ve been living here almost half of my life. This is where I met my best friends, where for the first time I felt butterflies for someone. This is the place I call home. Within its walls many secrets were told, many memories were made, many tears where cried. If there is a place in this world that has seen me change is this house. This was the place I ran to, skipped to from school and the place I thought of when I was away. My refuge, my home.

I will miss it greatly, and yet at the same time to me its symbolic. A new start awaits for me, interesting how it is so close to the New Year don’t you think? I feel like this is a major step in leaving all the old feelings and old things behind.

It’s time to start again, rebirth.

Smile, moving on isn’t always so bad.