Where I currently am, we are only less than two hours before we hit 2011. For the rest of the world.. Happy New Year!!

I’m glad this year is about to end, because it hasn’t been the best of years, but it hasn’t been the worst either. I learned that life can change rapidly, nothing is certain. I guess you can say that I learned to appreciate things more, to enjoy life at a higher level. Every moment even if its something “small” can be important later on.

I’m ready to ring in the new year, and say goodbye to 2010. I’m done with the superstitions. I’m done with eating grapes or throwing them, the whole shabang bang. It doesn’t matter how many wishes you ask for, if you aren’t willing to make changes, and you aren’t willing to fight for what you want. So with that I’ll enter this year bright and happy, smiling big, ready to fight.

I already have some big projects that I need to finish, meetings to attend, places to go and I am more than anxiously waiting for them. I want my new start, and I’m very close to getting it. Im DETERMINED to make this year a GREAT year. There is no time to stop to cry over spilled milk, only time to go forward, time to fight on.

With that I’d like to say this to all of you, enjoy life, savor EVERY moment. There is no time for regrets, no time for what-ifs because while we think of those things we keep moving through time and space and there is no stopping our transition. We are all in constant motion, constant change, weather we notice it or not our lives are changing right before our eyes. Live, love, laugh, dance, jump like never before.


Wishing you all a great new year ahead =)