We take our strength and health for granted, its true. I haven been sick in a while, better yet I havent been THIS sick in a very long time. I recently got stomach flu, pesky little thing that is. It all started the night before yesterday when I suddenly woke up at three in the morning I could feel everything hurting, I knew I was ready to puke even though I told myself about a hundred times “No, no, no, no…” Long story short, I stayed in bed all yesterday. ALL day, I cant even wake up and lay down on a normal day because I feel like I need to do something. Yesterday I couldn’t even move, my muscles ached, my head was killing me, my stomach was not happy and every time I moved I felt like I was going to puke again.

So I was in bed all day, and then it hit me how weak I was, how defenseless I was laying there unable to get up even to get a glass of water. It amazed me how quickly it all happened, only hours before I was running around doing errands, I was so happy, I was ready to take on the world. We take our health for granted, I didnt think I would be this sick, this weak. I thought I was ready to tackle anything that came my way. Sometimes I would think, if survival was something I had to do I could do it with eyes closed because I was healthy and I was fine. But the thing we don’t realize is how things can change so suddenly.

I take this little event in my life as something bigger, I didnt just get sick I came to realize that

1.We can’t really say what we will do until we’re in a certain situation.

2.We shouldnt take our health and strength for granted.

3.Even when you’re weak, stay strong (or in my case stubbornness).

I don’t feel 100% ready to go but I’m staying positive, I got out of bed today =) I did laundry, I did some chores, I even started to eat crackers (that had never tasted sooo good like today)! Alright I know, I have to rest but what can I say I’m stubborn. Besides I feel a lot better getting up than laying down. Who knows I mean maybe I got sick because I needed some rest to begin with, so Universe I got a whole day’s worth of it. It’s time to move on =)

Smile, stay strong.